What Are The Potential Side Effects Of CBD On Dogs?

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Side Effects Of CBD
Side Effects Of CBD

Much like humans, CBD also offers a lot of health benefits for animals. Many people started to give Cannabidiol for their pets as it became evident that CBD works in pets as well. It can help your dog in managing anxiety, stimulating appetite, to get good sleep, and in curing digestive issues. One of the main reasons for choosing CBD for dogs is that it is a completely natural product.

When compared to the other products with similar health benefits, CBD is very safe. However, it also has some mild side effects. There are many studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of CBD on animals. But these studies also reported some minor side effects of CBD.

Side Effects Of CBD On Dogs

Low Blood Pressure

When CBD is administered in high doses, it can lower the blood pressure. Even though the drop may be small, it can cause light-headiness.

Dry Mouth

Studies show that CBD can affect the salivary gland and can reduce the production of saliva. Many people reported that they experienced dry mouth after consuming CBD. These side effects can also be seen in dogs. Increase in thirst is often observed in dogs after the administration of CBD.


The calming effect of CBD is really beneficial in the treatment of anxiety and panic in dogs. But this calming effect can also cause drowsiness in dogs if CBD is administered in high doses.

Inhibit Drug Metabolism

When you give high doses of CBD to your dogs, it may inhibit the production of some liver enzymes and interfere with the metabolism of some drugs. So it is better to consult a veterinarian before you give CBD to your dog.

Apart from the above mentioned side effects, your dog may also show symptoms of increased fatigue and sudden exhaustion. Loss of total muscle control, decrease in paw-eye coordination, and uncharacteristic tiredness are also the side effects of CBD on dogs.

Keep These In Mind Before Buying CBD For Dogs

When you purchase CBD products for your dog, always buy quality CBD products from reputed CBD brands. Do not forget to check the ingredients list because some CBD products contain synthetic compounds which may be harmful. The source of CBD is also an important thing to look for. Make sure that the hemp plant used for the extraction of CBD is grown organically and without using any chemical pesticides. Finally look for third party lab testing results. The lab results contain important information like CBD concentration, the amount of THC, and the presence of pesticides.