Comparison Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil

Since CBD got popular in the market, many people have started using it for the treatment of conditions like anxiety, pain, etc. However, the popularity of CBD has paved the way for so many confusions and ambiguities among the people. One of the major topics of discussion about CBD is its origin. Since most of them came to know that CBD is an extract derived from the hemp plant, it gave another doubt that whether CBD oil and hemp oil are the same. Firstly, everyone must understand that CBD oil and hemp oil are two different products and some of the main differences between them are as follows.


Both CBD that is available in the market and the hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant. However, it must be noted that CBD can be obtained from any plant in the cannabis family. The reason for choosing the hemp plant is that it has an abundant quantity of CBD and a low concentration of THC. This makes it easy for the manufacturers to extract and sell a pure form of CBD.

On the other hand, the hemp plant is the only source of hemp oil. This product is extracted from the dried seeds of this plant while CBD is produced from the dried flower, leaves and stem of the hemp plant. Since there is no trace of CBD in the seeds, it is not used for Cannabidiol extraction.

Production Method

The method of producing hemp oil and CBD oil is entirely different. For producing hemp oil, only the seeds of the hemp plant are used. These seeds will be dried and the oil is obtained from it using a method called cold press extraction method.

However, the entire plant except the seeds can be used for making CBD oil. It can be derived using many methods like hydrocarbon method CO2 extraction method, etc. The manufacturers will use these methods interchangeably as per their requirements, that is, if they need CBD solate, they will use the CO2 method and for the production of liquid forms of CBD solvent methods is more common.


The composition of the elements in a CBD oil and hemp oil are also different. In some type of CBD oil, there will be only pure CBD and it will not have any other elements. These products will be tasteless and odorless. But in some products, there will be many other elements like chlorophyll, terpenes and also 0.30 percent of THC.

Since the hemp oil is derived from the seeds, it will not have any trace of CBD or THC. However, it will be having many other elements like terpenes and chlorophyll. The presence of these natural elements will give the hemp oil an earthy or nutty taste and aroma. The full spectrum CBD products will be also having the same flavor as that of hemp oil.


Even though CBD oil and hemp oil are derived from the same plant, both of them are having different uses. CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory medicine and it can be used for the treatment of chronic pain. The neuroprotective properties of CBD also make it an excellent pain killer and also a perfect medicine for the treatment of epilepsy and seizure. Therefore, it is used as a medicine or a medicinal supplement.

Hemp oil is an abundant source of essential fatty acids. Moreover, it is one of the few plant substances with omega 3, 6 and 9. It is also a good source of calcium, iron, and vitamins. The presence of all these minerals and vitamins is the main reason for people using it as a dietary supplement. This is also an ideal substance for people following a vegan diet.


There is a huge difference between the price of CBD oil and hemp oil, due to the complexity in the extraction process and also due to its utility. CBD oil is very much expensive than hemp oil. The demand for the product is also a reason for the high price of CBD oil. However, there are some products that are having only a small proportion of CBD and it is comparatively less expensive than other products.

The price of hemp oil depends on its quality. Since it is hard to differentiate good and bad products with naked eyes, it is necessary to check the certificate of the product. It is also better to purchase products having high brand value to get better quality products. However, even the most expensive hemp oil will be cheaper than CBD oil.

Parameter CBD Oil Hemp Oil
Source Hemp plant leaves and flower Hemp Plant Seeds
Production Method Hydrocarbon and CO2 method Cold Pressure Technique
Composition All plant elements All elements except CBD
Usage Medicinal purpose Dietary purpose
Price High low

Even though the source is same, there are so many difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. However, CBD oil can be used as a substitute for hemp oil but its reversal is not practical.