Synthetic CBD: A Safer And Less Expensive Medication for Epilepsy?

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Epilepsy has been the problem child for millions across the globe. In simple layman terms it is characterised as the seizures that are caused as a result of the increasing disturbances in the brain’s electrical makeup.

The intensity and how frequent the seizure occur depend, and can range from a mild episode that looks much like a moment of lapse of attention to something more severe like a severe seizure that may require hospital treatment.

 What is promising is that the miracle drug that has taken the world by storm may have a solution to control this menace. The same lifesaving drug with its strong and potent therapeutic properties used to regulate inflammation and pain, may have something to offer after all.

But there are legal barriers that stop patients from getting their hands on pure, high-quality strain CBD products. A look into Charlotte Figi’s case will open your eyes. Now however, that could become a distant problem as the University of California announced an interesting piece of CBD news that they would be in the pursuit to develop a synthetic version of the famed CBD. The synthetic version would help in stopping the epileptic symptom, much in the same way that the natural version of the cannabinoid does.

The synthetic variant of the CBD, which has been named as H2CBD is more potent than the CBD you would obtain from plant sources like marijuana and hemp and at the same time is economically feasible to produce. CBD benefits are mimicked by H2CBD!

What is interesting about H2CBD is that is doesn’t even contain any active molecules of marijuana, because of which it easily jumps over legal restriction in many nation with strict cannabis laws.

The breakthrough of H2CBD will mean a new ray of hope, especially for children against their fight with this dreaded disease.


H2CBD is created chemically and because of which it is free from any form of contaminant or toxins. This cannot be said in the case of grown cultivation of hemp or cannabis where in it draws from the soil which may be riddled with toxins and impurities. What is great about H2CBD is that it can be created much faster than CBD from traditionally cultivated natural hemp or marijuana.

It is not that the synthetic CBD strain called H2CBD does not contain any natural cannabis element; they do, but just made in a less conventional way.

The synthetic strain works by mimicking the interaction with the body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Only time will tell when testing and subsequent large scale production can ensue to allow for this prized drug to reach the hands of the one’s in dire need of help!