For those in places where medical marijuana is not legalized, the cannabidiol may be a new thing. For people in the US, however, it is not new. CBD has become more popular owing to its curative benefits. With more information regarding the additional uses of CBD, we would see an increase in the adoption rate of CBD. As things stand today, this rate is increasing and the medical cannabis industry expects it to increase even further.

We encourage you to shop carefully for CBD, particularly from unknown sources online or offline. Cannabidiol has been made legal for medicinal consumption, but it is unregulated at a federal level even today. Government oversight is lacking, so there is no guarantee that all products are safe and are what their makers claim.

We realize the importance of spreading factual information regarding CBD in this regard. Users are our main target audience, but we do post the odd article aimed at business people like the one on transparency regarding CBD. Read that post to get an idea about how to educate consumers on CBD. There, we highlight the importance of being transparent as a CBD brand.

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